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Pre Trial Interview

The New FM crew volunteer Kim Bauer to trial the Colon Hydrotherapy at their clinic of choice Innovative Body Solutions!


Have a listen to New FM's Novos Crew, Kim, Tim, Steve & Josh from the Breakfast Show chatting to Christina about the clinic’s colonics!

Kim reviews her Colonic & Naturopathic Consultation

Hear the crew’s banter as Kim reviews her Colonic & Naturopathic consultation at Innovative Body Solutions.

Kim reviews her experience at our clinic

Listen to why it’s important to visit us for your colonic!

Hear how Australian comedian Dave Hughes' Colonic 'went wrong' at another clinic.

While Kim 'experienced Nirvana' with us at Innovative Body Solutions!

Kim also reviews her Remedial Massage at Innovative Body Solutions and confirms that the clinic team:

'100% genuinely LOVE helping people!'
'They just LOVE their job'


I went along to Innovative Body Solutions at Broadmeadow and was a little bit apprehensive, however the Therapists are Fantastic!

I found it to be a really good experience.

Gentle, Reassuring, 100% LOVE helping people!

These services are very important and serious.

Really really good for peoples' health. I do feel so much better afterwards. I have been back to the clinic to continue my treatment.

The colonic certainly didn’t hurt, just an unusual feeling. You get the good feeling afterwards. I found it to be a really, very positive, therapeutic experience.

The therapists absolutely LOVE their job! They’re 100% into it!

I had the best day health wise, detoxing with the Colonic and seeing the Naturopath who is improving my sleep patterns and experiencing their Massage as well the next day.

There are so many health things that can be done for our problems. They’re 100% Genuine about helping people!

The majority of westerners have about 72 hours worth of food built up in their system and your body absorbs the toxins from it, so it's not good for you.

People benefit from going along to Innovative Body Solutions to have their colon hydrotherapy clean out to detoxify and basically reset your system.

Steve commented that it was fascinating to hear about Kim's experience with the Colon Hydrotherapy, Naturopath and Massage at Innovative Body Solutions, saying 'You do look wonderful today Kim!'

I spoke to Christina and the Team at Innovative Body Solutions in Broadmeadow and they are more than happy to accommodate Kim from our New FM Breaky show for a treatment.

She emphasised that it's not Colonic Irrigation, they call it COLON HYDRO THERAPY just to make it sound a little less intimidating.

So early next week, Kimmy’s going to get in there and trial it for the show!

Gotta say, they sound like a cheerful bunch! So they might do great things!

I have recently had a series of Colonic Irrigations as preparation for a colonoscopy,as opposed to taking the regular colonoscopy preps that are much harsher on the body.As a result of the colonic irrigations my colonoscopy preparation was much more relaxed and therapeutic and achieved the successful result I was after.

Christina is professional and friendly and makes you feel very comfortable throughout the colonic irrigation, in a clean and relaxing environment.

I have found the colonic irrigation also beneficial to my general health, feeling more energetic and motivated to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Having a series of colonics with Christina goes up there as one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Apart from the cleansing and energising nature of the colonic itself, Christina’s immense knowledge, not to mention her respect, discretion and thoughtfulness, totally enhances the experience and I came out feeling empowered, inspired and on top of the world.

I can’t understand why we’re not taught about the workings of our body as one of our earliest learnings, that it’s not just something we grow up knowing and understanding. It stuns me that we’ve got our priorities so wrong, so out of order.

Thank you, Christina. I feel amazing. Like a new person. Clear eyes, kilos lighter, feeling slimmer, taller, healthier, my hair has body, my skin is glowing and I’m smiling and shining...

There’s nothing at all that can convince me that a colonic given by a qualified practitioner isn’t a good thing.

I do believe, without a doubt, that Christina at Innovation Body Solutions truly changed my life.

I started having bowel issues when my child was born, 12 years ago. I have been suffering constipation and bloating for most of this time and just a couple of months ago I was at my wits end when I came across 'Colon Therapy' while searching on the internet.

Within a few days I was booked in and received my first colonic, of which I felt instantly better but also armed with knowledge about what changes in my diet I needed to make in order to help the process along.

I am now 6 weeks and 4 treatments down the track and feeling amazing. If you suffer like I did, do your self a favour and go and see the team at Innovative Body Solutions, because the only thing you will lose, is WASTE!

I am feeling awesome!

I am singing and dancing around!

It's magic, I think!

You made me feel extremely comfortable and I loved that you keep in touch after appointments to see how I am going!

Thank you again, I feel incredible!

Christina was extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable while performing my first ever colonic irrigation.

I had previously had a lot of trouble with my bowel and she helped me with her treatment, and also extensive nutritional knowledge. I am so glad I went and I feel amazing after it.

I will definately be returning in the future.

I had never had ear candeling but always wanted to try it.

For some time I was concerned that my hearing was not as good as it should be. I was on the phone a lot with my work and to always wear the headset on my left ear so I could hear properly.

After one session there was a large amount of wax removed from my right ear.

Well, when I got back to my car I had to turn the radio down and it took a few days to adjust to the TV as it seemed much louder than normal.

It definitely works and I would recommend candling to anyone wanting their ears cleansed and to be able to hear better

Yes, regular colonic’s are a part of my lifestyle now!

I highly recommend this treatment to everyone I speak with! Most people are a bit freaked out by it... but I’m working on them

I first tried colonic hydrotherapy on the advice/ recommendation of a friend who had used the treatment for a full detox on several occasions..

My eczema was really bad, I was itchy, scratching and bleeding (from scratching) all the time, just lucky not to have gotten a secondary skin infection.

I was tired from poor sleep (itching all night), had low energy levels, suffered heartburn and was somewhat depressed. My whole system was obviously very acidic. I had tried everything I knew of to help my eczema but nothing was working, not even the strong steroid creams and steroid tablets that the doctor kept prescribing.

I was obviously full of toxins and with my bowel not working properly there was no other way for the toxins to exit my system other than through my skin.

After my friend suggested colonics , I did some research and decided to give it try.

I had to search for a clinic that offered this therapy as there were none close to where I lived , I finally found Christina at Innovative Body Solutions in Newcastle.

Not having had the procedure before I didn't quite know what to expect but Christina was very reassuring and made me feel comfortable straight away And the procedure was painless and easy.

The benefits I have had from colonic hydrotherapy are that with removing the build of waste that were trapped in my bowel, my system is working better and I eliminate wastes much easier now so there is no reabsorbing of toxins and no need for the toxins to exit through my skin. My eczema is clearing up . My skin is much less inflamed and much less itchy and is improving all the time.

Getting rid of the toxins from built up waste in the bowel has also helped to increase my energy levels, improve my heartburn and elevate my mood.

Like I said it is a simple and painless procedure and Christina's caring and kind approach makes it easy. The benefits have been many and with my eczema improving on a daily basis I have no hesitancy in recommending colonic hydrotherapy for anyone suffering from an eczema flair up or other symptoms of an acidic system.

Thank you Christina for providing this valuable service in your clinic.

I would just like to say how much better I felt after my Lymphatic Drainage Massage I had post op from Abdo Lipo procedure.

I left the clinic feeling as light as a feather & so much better, I had been feeling really bogged down & heavy after the procedure and couldn’t believe the immediate difference. I had quite a lot of black bruising which literally disappeared overnight.

The immediate results were amazing. The soft massage technique also helped with the tenderness and numbness I have. I cannot recommend this massage enough to clients in the same situation as myself.

Thankyou for the wonderful treatment.

I wish to thank you so much for what you have done for me.

I was feeling so sick in my stomach, wind, bloating, pain, constipation, etc. I had driven past your clinic on Brunker Road, Adamstown, many times, thinking, yes, one day I will go in there, I just don’t feel well, and I know I need to get better.

So, one day I parked the car, took down the your business details, and went from there. I followed your advice, to go to the Doctors to get an x-ray of my stomach. The x-ray showed the blockages.

These bowel blockages may have been there for weeks, months, or years. (This exact information is unknown). I just knew I was unwell, and I wanted to do something about it.

I completed a package deal of six colonic irrigation treatments, and followed your advice, to change my eating habits and take the products that you recommended for me, which has helped me tremendously.

While attending you clinic, I had the great opportunity to meet Kathy, the Massage therapist. I soon realised that she has a skill in massaging blockages and kinks in the stomach. As a result of the combined treatments, I feel so much better, I feel lighter and the pain in my stomach has gone, and I am so grateful.

I found your combined service and advice to be professional, helpful, functional, punctual and confidential, personal, private, and affordable. I really would recommend your service to anyone that has stomach concerns

On arrival at the Innovative Body Solutions Clinic, I was warmly welcomed by Christina the theraphist and immediately made feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Before I underwent any form of theraphy, Christina carried out a comprehensive (non-invasive oral) examination to ascertain my physical health. At this time I informed her that I suffered from Asthma and a grass related allergy and was feeling the effects of irregular and malfunctioning bowels.

When it was time for me to undergo my (first) Colonic Irrigation, Christina again made me feel relaxed and comfortable. At all times Christina respected my privacy by ensuring my lower parts were completely covered while I was having the Irrigation carried out and thereby relieving any possible embarrassment for both myself and Christina.

Prior to my first treatment, I was experiencing mild to severe bloating mostly felt below my diaphragm. As I am asthmatic, the bloating beneath my diaphragm I was experiencing was causing breathing difficulties especially after meals and/or just simply sitting on my couch reading or watching TV.

I was also feeling listless with very low energy levels – any physical activity was becoming just too hard.

During my first treatment a large volume of trapped air/gas/wind was released and expelled through the closed system used by Christina.

While a little embarrassing at the time, the relief I immediately felt and thereafter can be described as "outstanding".

It felt as though a balloon situated in my lower abdomen was being deflated and since that time, I have not experienced that awful bloated feeling and consequently, no difficulty with my breathing especially after meals. I should also mention that there was/is absolutely no odour experienced during the treatment.

While I can assure you that the Colonic Irrigation Theraphy is pain free, it can become a little uncomfortable at times during the session especially if it is your "first time".

Also, I can state from personal experience, that the placement and removal of the speculum from your anus is completely pain and embarrassment free. At all times Christina is sensitive to your comfort levels and explains exactly what is occurring during your treatment.

After your Colonic treatment, Christina gives you ample time and privacy in her bathroom to rid yourself of any remaining water or faecal matter – you are not rushed out the door to fit in another client. Again everything is aimed at giving you a positive and personal experience.

Since my initial consult and treatment, I have undergone four more Colonic Irrigations plus a Lymphatic Massage.

My overall health and wellbeing has improved dramatically allowing me to recommence my personal fitness program which I was no chance of doing previous to the commencement of my care by Innovative Body Solutions. My Asthma and Allergy has also improved much to my delight.

I would recommend anyone seeking to improve their inner health and overall wellbeing to make an appointment with Christina at Innovative Body Solutions – you have nothing to lose bar the time spent at the clinic.

I have a moderate to severe salicylate intolerance and an autoimmune disorder.

I am restricted to eating from a limited range of fruit and vegetables, and have to remove all spices and most herbs and oils from my diet and personal care products in order to prevent the unpleasant symptoms of my salicylate intolerance.

Six months ago I started seeing a naturopath to work on improving my gut health.

I have had colonic irrigation treatments in the past but these were only one-off sessions. Back then I was told that I would experience greater benefit by having at least 3 treatments over a period of 2 weeks or less.

Although I felt better after each of these treatments, I was not in a position to commit to a series of colonic treatments.

About 3 months ago I started thinking seriously about the body’s whole digestive system; it not only includes intake via the gut, it also includes elimination via the intestines, colon and bowel.

And then I found Christina at Innovative Body Solutions. I felt physical benefits immediately after I started having colonic treatments with Christina.

I have just finished my fifth session and there’s more to go because I have blockages in my colon that have likely been there for more than 3 decades. Right now, I am feeling physically lighter and I have greater clarity of mind, more energy. My naturopath fully supports the integration of a colonic detox with the treatment to improve my gut health.

I have been able to vary my diet more now because of improvements brought about by both the naturopathic and colonic treatments. I can eat out now without being concerned about the ingredients in the meal or the oils that were used in the cooking process.

After a day on which I have dinner out, I revert to my 3-day eating regime. I select foods from the low salicylate chart and do not eat the same food more than once in any 3 consecutive days. This way I get to enjoy greater variety in my diet and experience little or no symptoms of salicylate intolerance.

I am still waiting for my bowel movements to stabilise and become less loose, more formes but I know the looseness is temporary and an unavoidable outcome of the supplements necessary to complement and assist the colonic treatments.

Christina’s professionalism, caring nature and expertise make me feel comfortable and secure during the colonic treatments which most of us find confronting and invasive. I would recommend everyone to take responsibility for their own well-being and consult Christina for an assessment of their colon health.

For many years I have been troubled with diverticulitis and have had to undergo regular colonoscopies.

Despite all the recommended procedures with the medical profession, I was plagued with acute pains in the stomach, which from time to time required a consultation with a specialist. I was troubled with diahorreah and I always had to go to the toilet to relieve the build-up of wind in my stomach as there was always a discharge with it.

I needed to wear black underwear as the light coloured undies were stained so much that it was impossible to wash these stains out of the garment. My stomach always felt swollen and bloated.

I frequently went to the doctor saying that I could not put up with the pain any longer and please could she do something about it. The reply was always: Oh it’s only diverticulitis.

Then I began to be troubled with bleeding from the back passage which concerned me greatly. Every time I mentioned it to her the reply was: Oh it’s only internal haemorrhoids.

The medical profession was no help to me whatsoever and I also felt that they were not interested.

In March 2015 I attended a week at Misty Mountain Health Retreat and was introduced to Colonic Irrigation with Barbara O’Neill.

The instant relief was amazing. Immediately the hard, bloated feeling was relieved and I felt relief from the pain. Barbara recommended Christina from Innovative Body Solutions, to continue these treatments upon my return to the Central Coast.

Since then, I have been attending this clinic on a regular basis and the improvement has continued. I have followed Christina’s recommendations and my intestines have been much more hydrated as a result. The pains in the stomach have disappeared altogether.

The diahorreah has completely gone. I am not troubled with leakages when I want to pass wind. The bloating and hardness in the intestines have improved greatly. I have not once been troubled with bleeding from the bowel. I am now able to wear light coloured underwear.

This has had a positive effect on my sense of well-being as I am not constantly in pain. I am extremely happy with these treatments which I receive from Innovative Body Solutions.

Before seeing Christina I had undergone 2 ultrasounds and then an x-ray due to ongoing pain and substantial discomfort particularly in my upper left chest and ribs. The ultrasounds were normal but the x-ray showed I had significant constipation.

I was also experiencing bloating, gas, fatigue and reflux. Not receiving any benefit from what the GP and pharmacy suggested for treatment I began looking for alternatives and am extremely thankful I happened to find Innovative Body Solutions.

I saw Christina for four colonic sessions, she also did iridology and gave me advice on my diet and recommended some supplements.

I have had excellent results, and am very impressed with how simple it was to fix what had been causing me problems for years and had not responded to treatments recommended by conventional medicine e.g. GP and pharmacists.

Now I am full of energy, all the symptoms I had are gone and my body has never felt so good. I would encourage anyone who is experiencing these symptoms to contact Christina.

After having digestive problems all of my life, from chronic constipation, bloating and not being able to eat wheat or dairy, I went and saw a Gastroenteroligist who suggested I needed to do whatever I could to clean myself out as I had a massive build up in my bowels.

I looked up colonic irrigation and emailed Christina who was at a conference in Qld at the time. She called me soon after and explained she was away for the week but took the time out to listen to my issues and made suggestions for diet changes until I could come and see her.

She was lovely from the start!

Visit 1

One of the sites I looked up said colonics was a lovely relaxing experience so I was looking forward to spoiling myself with it. I also expected to lose lots of ergot and walk out feeling amazing.

None of this was true.

It was quite uncomfortable and sometimes a little painful experience and when we finished I found out we had barely scratched the surface

But in spite of this, Christina was the most loveliest, gentlest person I had ever met and talked me through the whole process so I was fully aware of what was happening.

Apparently I was so backed up that it was going to take a few to hydrate and loosen any blockages.

For the first 30 years of my life I drank hardly any water and it turns out that dehydration is the biggest cause of constipation.

I left there with castor oil, magnesium, vitamin B, chlorophyll and digestive aids. (She doesn't push these on you but I really wanted to give this a decent go).

No real changes or difference to anything and it took a few days for my first movement. But then I started having small movements daily which were softer caused by the castor oil. Felt a bit flu like and tired all week.

Visit 2

All pretty similar to the first visit but a bit knowing what to expect I was a bit more comfortable and had a better release. And after the treatment I had a big bowel movement on my own. Missed a couple of days then went daily, sometimes twice. Again felt very tired and flu like.

Visits 3, 4 & 5

Much more progress these visits. Got through some blockages.

For the next 3 days each visit I was quite bloated, gassy and experienced indigestion after each time I ate.

Christina put me on charcoal tablets to help get through it. I also started in lower bowel movement tablets which helped me go a lot more easier.

Had a lot more energy! A lot less pain in my stomach that has been there for as long as I can remember.

Visit 6

Best visit yet.

We got a lot out this visit and while I wouldn't call it relaxing it actually felt like it did something really good. I left feeling really good. Had a flat tummy for the first time in years and felt fantastic. Weighed in and have lost 4kgs since I started.

My skin looked great, my eyes were clear, I wasn't tired all the time, absolutely no pain in my stomach at all and my hair and nails were growing like crazy.

I flew to Europe 2 days later and normally get bloated and uncomfortable on the plane. For the first time ever I did not experience this and managed to sleep for 5 hours straight.

I have been going to the toilet after almost every meal, not urgently but just comfortably and everything felt great! I did accidentally have some wheat while I was travelling which has mucked me up a bit so I booked in with Christina as soon as I got back.

I have not made massive changes to my diet as I didn't eat too badly but I don't have the discipline to eat the way Christina suggests I should.

I have just added a few alkaline influenced meals/ juices into my day, lessened my meat intake and cut my coffees in half.

Christina is so full of knowledge and patience and never suggests anything she wouldn't do herself. She puts herself out to fit your appointments around you.

I will definitely try and clean my diet up more and continue my treatments every other month at her suggestion.

After over 15 years of increasing issues with constipation I can honestly say that I have hope for the first time.

I have seen specialist after specialist and even a Professor who specialised in serious bowel issues. I thought I was destined to eventually have to have a bag... and I am only 63 years old.

My constipation was responding less and less to medications and I found myself having to take higher doses.

The medications I was prescribed only worked for a little while (an issue I believe is common with a lot of sufferers).

I was told I had an extreme "lazy bowel" and I thought I had tried everything until one day I was feeling so desperate and concerned for the future I came across an article on Colonic Irrigation and remembered that once a doctor had actually suggested I should try one.

The idea at that time didn’t appeal to me... but on this day I started ringing around to get more information.

I rang a couple of clinics then came across "Innovative Body Solutions" in Broadmeadow and spoke to a therapist. She was so wonderful and was a wealth of information. She truely knew what I had been going through as she had heard it all before.

After a lengthy conversation she also emailed me more information. So I went ahead and had my first Colonic.............

Piece of cake! Nothing what I thought it would be like. The staff at "Innovative Body Solutions" are so professional and caring and I never feel uncomfortable.

I feel more energetic and healthier due to no more of the blocked toxins I was continually re-absorbing through my system.

I have more freedom now for the first time in many many years, where as before my week revolved around my heavy dosing of medications to get relief.

Unless you have ever suffered from severe constipation you will not know what this means.

Thank you with all sincerity to the wonderful staff at Innovative Body Solutions.

Excellent masseuse.

Very quick getting in touch with me to book an appointment.

Easy to book and I have been a repeat booking

I decided to have a course of 3 colonic treatments for general health and wellbeing. I have a gluten and dairy intolerance so felt that it could only help with my digestive sensitivities.

What I didn't realise was how long the build up of waste can remain in our system, and the impact that can have.

Prior to the colonic treatments, I had lower abdominal distension and a feeling of heaviness which has since gone. I have noticed quite a dramatic increase in my energy level and my premenstrual lower back pain has also gone since the treatments.

I will be continuing with the colonic treatment periodically to provide my body with a wonderful cleanse and to continue the sense of wellbeing the treatments provide.

I sought out colon hydrotherapy after a difficult and exhausting bout of Leaky Gut and candida overgrowth. After 18 months of symptoms I had tried everything to bring things under control; diet, conventional medicine, holistic doctors, herbalists, naturopaths and every supplement, tablet, probiotic, and home remedy known to man- and although I was improving very very slowly, I was still suffering considerably and I was completely over it.

A friend recommended colonic treatments to me to aid in the candida overgrowth, considering at this point I would have tried anything to get relief I figured 'what harm could it do at this point?'

I sought out the team at Innovative Body Solutions and thank God I did. Christina was so helpful, caring and professional from the very beginning. I felt at ease with her straight away.

My first treatment saw INSTANT improvement! I could hardly believe it, I could feel the benefit almost as soon as I finished the treatment. Over the next few days my concentration improved ten fold, I was sharper, more energetic, more productive, I felt hydrated, I was happy! It was the best I had felt not just in 18 months but maybe ever! The symptoms of the candida overgrowth, and also the Leaky Gut eased significantly and continued to improve over the following 3 weeks. I no longer dreaded going to the bathroom for the terrible constipation, my life just became easier in every regard. I could hardly wait for my next treatment! I had friends lining up to book in with me as they could see the tremendous benefit the treatment had after such an arduous struggle with my symptoms. They wanted to feel as good as I did!

Don't let the idea of the procedure scare you - it really is nothing at all, at no time was it ever an awful experience, it was much better in fact than I was expecting. Christina and Tracy are professional, friendly and very caring, I cannot recommend their practice, or their skill as practitioners highly enough. I am indeed indebted greatly to the team at Innovative Body Solutions for truly helping me to turn a difficult corner in my journey for exceptional health.

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